Vicky Zugah advocate|”flee relationship and stay alive”

Vicky Zugah advocate|”flee relationship and stay alive”

As I were glued on to the TV watching Viasat-1 with Delay doing her thing again; in search for information to share with my readers, an interview with Vicky Zugah this time talking about her family life. It was a little complicated to define what exactly an abuse is as she did not exactly say how the dad abused her mum, which she disclosed as one of the reasons to her parents’ divorce.

Following her mum’s foot steps she also fled an abusive relationship. She has therefore become an advocate for “flee relationship and stay alive”. Hence her new slogan “stop mistaking jealousy and abusive for love”.

Well a friend once said some women enjoy the beating in relationship. Whether true or false I leave that to your judgement. However it still did not justify Vicky’s definition of abuse till she posted a picture of a lady on Instagram.

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