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Meet the young man who lost his life to coronavirus in Ghana


Meet the young man who lost his life to coronavirus in Ghana

The 41 -year -old has been sadly lost to coronavirus.


Mr. Waterberg was the Chief Executive Officer of People’s Pension Trust, an innovative pension fund, focused on providing pension products for farmers, traders, small-scale enterprises, and people working within the informal economy.

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He was also the president of Maxim Nyansa Foundation.

Samuel died from the dreaded COVID-19 that has so far affected 152 people in Ghana.


He’s among the five persons named by the Ghana Health Service to have succumbed to COVID-19 in Ghana.

At such a young age, Samuel Waterberg, who family and friends say took ill briefly, lost his life to COVID-19 in what remains a shock to most people who knew him.


The development comes to strongly contend with the views held by some persons that COVID-19 does not affect young people or at the worst will only keep them hospitalized for a short while and cannot result in mortality.

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