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Loosing Energy In A Relationship

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Loosing Energy In A Relationship

Are you in a Relationship which has come to a situation where you seem to have lost energy, where it seems you have nothing to give, where you have lost connection with your partner and the spark of flames of your love has gone dimmed. This is what we describe as relationship burnout.
At this point you may know that your relationship needs work but you cant find the motivation to try.
Please these are some of the signs you shouldn’t ignore in your relationship.

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Are you experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion, Is your relationship draining you?
Are you experiencing detachment and cynicism, Do you feel disengage with your partner?
Are you feeling ineffective and you are just going through the emotions and your physical intimacy is fading away?

Please dont panic because burnout doesn’t mean it’s over, maybe your relationship is calling out for T. L. C. That is Tender, Loving, Care.
Please do access your mental state.
Lay it on the table by acknowledging your problems and listen to each other.

And finally don’t quit too soon because if you have loved each other before, then it is possible to fall in love again.

Dua 3bata 3bo) hu a, ne twa 3twa na, nti menua 3nyi wo d)fo mma.

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