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The Power Of Words: “Do You Know That Words Are Things”?

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The Power Of Words: “Do You Know That Words Are Things”?

This is a quote from the late Dr Maya Angelou, one of the greatest African American poet.
In our relationship we should be careful how we use words against each other, it is important to be mindful about the way we speak especially when we are angry.

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With anger we sometimes say horrible things against each other and sometimes these words contain negative powers that can go a long way to destroy relationships, so when I say words are things, I mean words can build or destroy relationship.

Words can abuse a person emotionally, psychologically or can also lead to the distraction of your partner. Just as in the book of Genesis, God spoke the word and these beautiful words came to be, in the same way too, let your words always be the source of inspiration, source of encouragement and the source of hope. Speak kindly and gently to each other but not hurtful words, and please if you cannot speak words of blessing to your partner then don’t speak at all.

I dedicate this to one of my best friends who is going through serious problems in her relationship, please believe in yourself and believe in your relationship and I hope God help you to fix your problem.

Ano a, edi nkyini ne moko no, s3 3ka asem a, 3tumi y3 h), nti 3nuanom y3n hw3 y3 kasa mu yie.

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