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Emotional Baggage In Your Relationship

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Emotional Baggage In Your Relationship

Emotional baggage can be intangible but very real, psychological and emotional weight we carry due to unresolved issues or traumas from previous relationships.

What keeps your relationship going?

So are you carrying an emotional baggage and is it weighing down on you?
If you feel the negative experiences from your past relationship, this might be getting in the way of your potential happiness with your new partner.
These are some of the key signs you need to watch out;
Do you find it hard or stressful to get close to your partner?
Do you have the habit of controlling your partner?
Are your emotional reactions too extreme?
Do you have déjà vu problems, that is do you think your partner pushes the same buttons in you as your previous partner?

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Sweethearts if you have had a nasty breakup don’t rush into a new one immediately, take some time to heal completely and let the past be the past, before you venture into a new relationship.
Seek a healthy relationship and always be happy.
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