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Fall in love – But Fall in Love with Yourself First

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Fall in love – But Fall in Love with Yourself First

How do we learn self love before we commit into a relationship?
Before you can truly love anyone, you must learn to love yourself first. It can be dangerous to fall in love with someone if you have not learnt to appreciate yourself.

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Self love means accepting yourself first and the ability to inculcate the self-esteem and appreciating the way you are. Never loose yourself and become absorbed into your relationship, never allow yourself to depend on the relationship for satisfaction, happiness, validation and self-worth, because these factors can lead to serious insecurities, conflicts and eventually breakup.
Please consider the following steps
1. Maintain a degree of independence in your relationship and never lose yourself as a person.
2. Remember you are the master of your own happiness.
3. See the goodness in yourself and be proud of it.
4. Don’t allow your flaws let you down, after all we are all humans.
Finally you are a beautiful soul, you are whole amd you are so amazing. Love that special person around you but never forget to make time to nurture yourself.
Menua nyame d) wo na )do wo s3 nea wo te3 biara.

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