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Why Friendship before Love?

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Why Friendship before Love?

Friendship can be very important when it comes to developing a relationship. Being friends gives you the opportunity to get to know the person for who he/she is, sometimes when you jump into a relationship without being friends first, all types of issues and challenges occur.

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By putting friendship before a relationship, you can easily decide whether he/she is the perfect one to date or not. These are some other advantages about what I am talking about. As a friend.
1. You get to know the real person and not what he/she pretends to be
2. You can be yourself
3. You can even date and get to know other people if you want to.
4. You can even decide if being friends is better than being in a Relationship.
5. You don't have to convince him to like you.
My dear friends, these days people jump into relationships without knowing the person they want to spend their lives , so please take your time to get to know him/her and don't rush, because if your relationship is meant to bloosom for a lifetime then know that this is just the beginning.
Ay)nkofa 3ma 3nnigye3 na hu m3ni so nti na )twe mmienu 3nam.


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